The Graston® Technique is an innovative form of instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment that enables clinicians to effectively isolate and break down tight and restricted muscle tissue and scar tissue that can cause pain and dysfunction. The clinician “combs” over and “catches” on injured, fibrotic tissue with these tools causing specific microtrauma to the dysfunctional tissue. This process initiates healing to take place by stimulating repair of the tissue that may not have been occurring before. The weight and shape of the tool allows the clinician to release what a manual massage cannot break down alone.

Conditions that have been successfully treated include:

ITB syndrome,   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,   Rotator cuff injury/tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis,  Cervical pain,  Muscle strain, Tennis Elbow,  Epicondylitis,  Painful and restrictive dermal scarring,   Post fracture pain, Joint sprain,   DeQuervain’s syndrome, Fibromyalgia,  Low back pain, Chronic muscle spasms, Tarsal tunnel syndrome 

If you think that you may benefit from this technique, contact us today to consult with our Graston® certified Chiropractor.

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