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Can seeing a chiropractor help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


We have seen many people through the years with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and have had a high degree of positive impact with that. In looking at Carpal Tunnel it is important to understand that probably 80% of the time that people have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel they simply have impingement, subluxation of the spin in the upper dorsal spine, causing back pain or neck pain and the lower part of the neck.


Numbness in hands and fingers noticed when sleeping or driving, or even weakness in the hands. The brachial nervous system branches, these nerves come out of the neck, similar to having sciatica of the arm. There are nerve roots that come out of the C5-6-7 and upper thoracic vertebrae. These nerve roots come out and branch together to form the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus then stems down through the arm and tends to branch off into the ulnar median and radian nerves. These then extend into the different parts of the hands and the fingers. Getting pressure off of those nerve in the neck will correct the discomfort in the hands.


The rest of the time we are going to look at what is called the double outlet system. We have basis of pressure on the nerve into the neck and into the upper back, this causes compromise and because the nerves are not firing correctly, this causes too much tension in the tissue and you start to have stenosis through the actual carpal tunnel are of the wrist. Often as a chiropractor we will make adjustments in the wrist itself to create more room and take stress off of the nerves.


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