Car Crash Injury in Eagan Minnesota?

Have you ever suffered from whiplash? Some people do not realize that the neck pain they endure after an injury is often a case of whiplash. Whiplash is a term used to describe intense neck pain after some type of accident, from car accidents to sports injuries. It causes damage to ligaments, tendons, and the neck muscles. Whiplash occurs when an abnormal amount of force is applied to the neck area that causes the neck to move beyond its normal range. Often, it will take a few days, up to a week, for the neck pain to occur after suffering from whiplash.


Chiropractic doctors that specialize in car accident injuries treatment are specifically trained in detecting injuries that are a result of motor vehicle accidents, whether they are severe or mild. It is very important that you have a car accident chiropractor examine you immediately after an accident to determine if your injuries are serious and give you the treatment necessary for the proper correction of your symptoms. Many times patients are unaware of the severity of their injuries in the first few days or even weeks after the accident. Unfortunately insurance companies are notorious for denying car accident claims if the victim did not contact a chiropractor that specializes in car accident injuries treatment within the first few weeks following the accident.


Eagan – Auto Injury Chiropractor?


A car accident can cause injuries to bones in the neck and back along with torn or over extended ligaments and tendons. Whiplash is probably the most controversial auto accident injury. The Whiplash injury is called by physicians as “distortion of the cervical spine”. Many years ago, cars did not have headrest. These days every car has a headrest. Your head at one time would never hit anything in a rear end auto accident. In modern cars your head slams against the headrest when it gets slammed backwards in the collision. This force on your head may not leave any external injuries, but it is possible that you may have suffered some internal head injuries. It is possible for the injuries to include injury to the brain. In some lethal cases, which are seldom, internal bleeding in the head after an examination has been found, although no external injuries are apparent. A woman is more likely to suffer a whiplash type injury than a man. This may be in part that the man’s neck is stronger.


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