Bulging Disc Problems in Eagan MN?

The most important thing to remember is that back pain is usually the result of a structural problem, and until the structure of your spine is addressed the pain will persist.


Your spine is composed of several bones called vertebrae, and between each vertebrae is a fibrous structure with a soft inner core called the disc. The outer portion of the disc is called the annulus fibrosis and the soft inner structure is called the nucleus pulposus. This structure provides flexibility and cushioning to the spine. It also creates space between the vertebrae so that the delicate spinal nerves can pass through the openings called foramen to reach their target destination. If the discs become damaged in any way, a cycle of pain begins with the start of progressive problems which can culminate in a Herniated disc or ruptured disc.


Chiropractor in Eagan for Bulging Disc

How are discs damaged?

Overall, discs are very tough and resilient; however they are very susceptible to injury with repetitive activity and loading. For example when you lift incorrectly or sit in one position for long periods of time the fibers in the disc begin to weaken.


Bulging Disc Chiropractic Clinic in Eagan MN

The fibers of the outer portion of a disc, the annulus fibrosis behave in much the same way. As the stresses on the disc are repeated (such as repetitive lifting or even sitting in one position for long periods of time) the fibers break down. This creates small cracks and fissures in the discs creating a pathway for the softer inner nucleus to slowly leak out. This is the beginning of a disc bulge or herniation.


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