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Torticollis is a sustained spasm of some neck muscles, which, if it lasts long enough, can cause the muscles themselves to shorten, become fibrotic, and even fill with scar tissue. It is commonly seen among newly-born infants (called congenital torticollis), although many adults may acquire torticollis as well. Many forms of congenital torticollis are painless, but cause considerable problems with the child’s ability to develop hand-eye coordination. Most forms of adult torticollis are accompanied by severe pain.


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Torticollis is often a classical musculoskeletal condition: that is, either the muscles themselves are directly injured, or the nerves which supply the muscles are dysfunctional. Musculoskeletal conditions respond dramatically to chiropractic treatment, since the chiropractic adjustment is designed to directly affect the nervous system, the spinal column, and the adjacent muscles.


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By making chiropractic adjustment to the neck and upper back we are able to take pressure off and stimulate the nerves that are controlling the contracted muscle to heal therefore allowing the muscles to relax and function properly. Chiropractic care, along with stretching of the neck muscles and other physiotherapies are very effective when it comes to relieving Torticollis.


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