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Maintenance Care is the idea that you should take care of your body, even though it is not relaying any symptoms. Just like people change the oil in their car to prevent a breakdown, maintenance for the human frame is the same idea.


Maintenance care can be on a preventive basis, or to keep the gains they have made with their care, to prevent future spinal problems, and improve overall health. The study quoted below recruited 40 patients with chronic back pain that had lasted at least six months. They all got a month of chiropractic treatment, which significantly helped their pain. For half the patients, treatment was stopped there, and for the rest, they continued treatment every two weeks for nine more months. At the end of the trial, 10 months in all, the patients who followed through on the maintenance care not only kept the relief they gained from the first month of care, but they actually continued to improve. The other patients tended to lose most of the benefit over the next nine months.


We focus on not only our patients immediate complaint, but we also give options to patients for long term maintenance of the body and overall health.


Care Chiropractic is designed around making maintenance chiropractic affordable and accessible, so that the chiropractor is no longer the last ditch effort before going to the emergency room.


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