Looking for a Chiropractor?

If you are suffering back pain, neck pain, leg pain, headaches or sports injuries call to schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose Care Chiropratic?

Chiropractic care is based on a simple yet powerful premise: with a normally functioning spine and a healthy lifestyle, your body is better able to heal itself.

Car Crash Injury?

If you are suffering from whiplash, headaches, migraines or other issues schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor today!

Family Care at Care Chiropratic

Chiropractic care has been helping families for years. Many of our patients see us as their family doctor and look at chiropractic as a family affair.

Our Wellness Approach

Chiropractic care is a natural method of health care that focuses on treating the cause of physical problems, rather than just the symptoms.

Massage Services

Massage therapy provides numerous therapeutic benefits for health, fitness and mental well-being. Massage helps improve the body’s circulation, increases blood and lymph flow, stimulates the nervous system and affects internal organs as well as all of the muscles.

Care Chiropractic Eagan MN

At Care Chiropractic Eagan, our doctors and massage therapists are experienced in injuries resulting from car accidents, personal and work related issues. Our number one goal is putting you back on track to a strong body. If you are searching for answers to problems ranging from chronic pain, auto or work place injuries to overall wellness care and the elimination of disease, you have come to the right place. From our first smiling “Hello” at the reception desk, you will recognize how different Care Chiropractic Body Wellness Center is from other chiropractic clinics. At Care, our warm and professional team of highly experience chiropractors, massage therapists and office staff are ready to meet the health care needs of your entire family.


If you are looking for a Eagan Chiropractor call us today to schedule an appointment at 651-452-4220‎.

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