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We’ve helped thousands of adults, children, athletes and seniors – here are just a few of the success stories that excite us about what we do.

My past experience with a chiropractor was poor and somewhat disturbing. It was clear that I was viewed as a source of revenue verses a patient needing treatment. I felt used and seriously doubted the competency of the doctor performing the adjustments. I began to believe the myths and rumors about chiropractic care and discontinued treatment.   One day, on a whim, I decided to give chiropractic care one more chance and try a different clinic just a few blocks from my home. I’m thankful that I was willing to take that leap of faith and try one more time.

Since becoming a patient of Care Chiropractic, my neck pain has completely disappeared. I feel better than ever and believe that Dr. Ackelson has made a very positive difference in my life.   I literally cannot say enough kind words about Dr. Ackelson. He is a genuinely good human being. He is ethical, intelligent, qualified, competent and fully worthy of the title of doctor. His true priority is to help you and not drain your finances. I respect him both as a human being and as a health care professional. As a matter of fact, I believe that he is world-class at his chosen profession.   But, of course, you should be your own judge of competency and character. If you’re new to chiropractic care or have had a less than positive experience in the past, you owe it to yourself to give him a try. I’m glad I did.


I highly recommend Dr. Ackelson to you without any reservations, whatsoever.


Jerry K. Eagan, MN Eagan Chiropractic Patient

“I started care for my shoulders. The issue is I had a lot of scar tissue that limited my movement when reaching upward and reaching behind me after multiple surgeries in both. I also had a difficult time sleeping due to the fact that I could not lay on either side for very long. After a few sessions with Dr. Hartley’s adhesion breaker tools, I noticed more motion and less discomfort that continued to improve after repeated sessions. I can now put the dishes into the upper cabinets without standing on my tip toes. I can fully extend my arms without discomfort. I am sleeping better. I am back to my work out routine at the gym and throwing the tennis ball faster and harder to my dog. My motion, flexibility and quality of sleep have all improved and that makes me feel healthier!”

Mike L. Burnsville, MN- Graston Technique treatment

“I have suffered for over 20 years with headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain and after 15 years with the same chiropractor herding me in and out the door like I was going through an assembly line, I decided it was time for a change. After calling Care Chiropractic and speaking with the Office Manger, Barb, I decided to give their office a try.  From the minute you walk in the front door until you are on your way back out, you are treated so very pleasant. Dr. Ackelson spends quality time with his patients to learn about their complaints, issues and past experiences.  He wants to know what has worked and what has not and he plans his treatment around your lifestyle. I am never rushed out of the office until all of my concerns have been addressed and I receive follow up phone calls when Dr. Ackelson tries something new.  He is very good at checking to see if the new / different care was successful or not. I am a very needy patient but the office is always so accommodating in an effort to either keep me away or to keep me healthy….I have no plans to leave my care in anyone else’s hands.

Thank you to everyone at Care Chiropractic for making me feel like family!

Janie C, Apple Valley, MN - Eagan & Edina Chiropractic Patient

“While training for my first marathon, I began running unbalance and misaligned my hips and back. Dr. James worked with me to get my body realigned and on track for a healthy recovery. I am now able to run again without the pain I was experiencing. He also recommended specific vitamins which I’ve been taking and have helped my recovery. I’m grateful to be running again.”

Nathan Nerland, St. Paul, MN - Edina Chiropractic patient

“I have been coming to Care Chiropractic for about 15 years. Dr. James and Barb are professional, reliable, trust worthy and run a wonderful clinic.  Over the years, they have helped with my neck problems and become my friends.  The care I receive has made my life better  and I am able to do what I like to the fullest capacity.  Care Chiropractic carries a warm atmosphere providing anyone who attends with complete comfort. What a great place!  What a great adjustment!”

Diana K, Eagan, MN - Eagan Chiropractic patient

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