Are you suffering from Scoliosis in Eagan or Edina MN?

Scoliosis Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


Scoliosis symptoms vary. Diagnosis requires exam and often x-rays. Several treatment options are available.


Scoliosis is a musculoskeletal disorder that adversely affects the shape of the spine (backbone). Basically, scoliosis is when the spine curves abnormally in one or more places. A scoliotic spine (when viewed from behind) will not be straight and may instead look like the letter “C” or “S” due to the side-to-side (right-to-left) curvature.


Scoliosis Symptoms

Individuals with scoliosis may exhibit no symptoms. Potential signs and symptoms of scoliosis can include:

  • Uneven hips and/or shoulders (one is higher than the other)
  • One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other
  • Spine curves to one side
  • Feeling tired in the back after standing or sitting
  • Backache or low back pain


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