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Care Chiropractic Body Wellness Center in Eagan was founded more than 15 years ago by Dr. Jean Brown Wetterlin.  In 1995, Dr. Wetterlin’s nephew, Dr. James J. Ackelson, joined the practice and opened the Care Chiropractic office in Lakeville that same year. Both graduates of the Palmer College for Chiropractic, Dr. Wetterlin and Dr. Ackelson worked together as the “Care Team” to create a health care environment that took the whole person into perspective. The goal from day one of Care Chiropractic Body Wellness Center was to offer comfortable and affordable health care that put the patient first while working to make sure patients received individualized care tailored specifically to them.


Dr. Jean Brown Wetterlin, Dr. Ackelson’s aunt, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a short time after the centers opened.  She was given a grim diagnosis that involved a short time to live. Dr. Wetterlin continued to practice for many years despite the diagnosis she received.  Her journey forever changed the shape and focus of the centers to what they are today. The centers became focused on the importance of creating balance with mind and body as part of a healthy life style through the removal of nerve interference with chiropractic adjustments and healthy living with exercise and nutrition.  Dr. Wetterlin passed away in 2001 after a nearly 9-year battle with cancer. She never gave up her fight for life and spirit to make sure ever person works to become the best they can be.


Dr. Ackelson continues to carry on the strong tradition at Care Chiropractic Body Wellness of offering healthy preventive care for the whole family as well as care for people experiencing injury from car accidents, sports injuries and work related injuries. Another important characteristic of Care Chiropractic Body Wellness is the focus on the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest with our Family Chiropractic Care. In fact, you would often even see Dr. Ackelson’s 94-year-old grandfather Julian “Bud” Brown who came in once a week for an adjustment and massage.


Eagan Care Chiropractic has had a massage program since the first day of opening and continues to have a highly trained team of massage therapists that are leaders in the profession.  The massage therapists offer a variety of massage from relaxation to shed away the /chiropractic-services/massage/stress of the day to deep tissue to help in healing as a result of injuries.


Give your body what it deserves and call today to schedule with the Care Chiropractic Body Wellness Center “Care team” and start living life to your full potential.

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